From Congo to Colonie

Evelyn writes about her experiences growing up in Rethy in her blog, From Congo to Colonie.

About Evelyn Ward Lipina

I was born and raised under missionary parents in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. That life and current suburban life often collide: I am constantly ruminating over cross-cultural issues. They play with my head, affect the way I raise my kids and interact with others, and also continue to inspire me even after living in the US for 35 years.

This bio is taken from Evelyn’s site, From Congo to Colonie.

One thought on “From Congo to Colonie

  1. Evelyn’s mother, Mrs. Ward, was my piano teacher at Rethy. ( I remember that Mrs. Ward played a beautiful harp) 🙂
    Our family, the Spindlers, lived on Luru Hill, and I used to ride my bike from Luru Hill through a village over to the Wards’ house for piano lesons. I believe the Uhlingers lived along that same road. That road is now VERY quiet, actually Rethy itself is VERY quiet. The guest house has electricity, but it has no running water. The small dorm, the “titchie dorm” no longer exists.

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