African choir sings Handel’s Messiah

2 thoughts on “African choir sings Handel’s Messiah

  1. I was priviledged to have been in Rethy at this time and watch Solonita lead the ladies in this wonderful piece of music. She was a talented musician, as were the other women. Music was a gift of the people in the Rethy area. Thank you, Tommy, for this website. Wonderful memories. I think you are correct in saying that History is valuable.
    Nice to know how they learned this music,too. Thank you Cheryl. I had wondered if Solonita had transcribed it herself using solfeggio. Mystery solved.

  2. It is with great JOY that I hear Handel’s Messiah being sung in church at Rethy. I am not surprised at all to see the video of Handel’s Messiah being performed at Rethy. My father, Eugene A. Spindler translated it into Kingwana in the 1950’s and it was first sung under my father’s direction at the older church there at Rethy. Urubano to this day remembers that fact. My brother Douglas and I had the joy and privilege of visiting Rethy in October 2011, visiting with Urubano who is now a pastor there.

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