Koda Hydroelectric Plant Picnic July 19, 1989

4 thoughts on “Koda Hydroelectric Plant Picnic July 19, 1989

  1. Yes, Ken, it would be great if you could find out if the area where the Koda plant is locate, was formerly called Buu Falls. Thanks so much.

  2. On 8 November, 1993, the Koda plant was scheduled to be turned off for some much-needed maintenance. I was in labor with our son, Josh, at Carolyn Saltenberger’s house that day. I remember praying fervently that our child would be born BEFORE nightfall arrived. He made his appearance around dusk, with the aid of a flashlight!

    • Cheryl,
      In case you didn’t get your answer, I would say Koda could have been cald Buu falls in the past, because there was a village near Mt Aboro called Buu. We would have to ask Rethy or Buu villagers. Should I try to contact them?
      Ken McMillan (Thomas’ dad)

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