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Harold “Buddy” Schuyler in Africa.

At the beginning of 2012, Mr. Dan Hanson contacted me and said he was looking for information about his cousin Harold “Buddy” Schuyler. Buddy, at the age of 18, went to Africa in 1971 and was never heard from again. He is believed to have served and died at Rethy that same year. Mr. Hanson is looking for anybody that has information about his cousin.

Here is some information about Buddy from Mr. Hanson:

[I] learned of [Rethy Reruns] while searching online in an attempt to gain information about my dear cousin Harold “Buddy” Schuyler who passed away suddenly while on a one year service program with AIM in 1971. I believe he was based at Rethy serving as a mechanic for a mobile medial team. He was 18 1/2 yrs old and came from Oakland, NJ, USA. I believe he was buried at Rethy, but this has not been confirmed…

For a teenager in the 1960’s he was definitely no “normal” to be seeking gospel missions work on heart of Africa. He was sorely missed stateside and his mum and sister esp. never got over the loss somehow…

I am sending a scan of the only photo I have of Buddy and it was taken by someone I suspect at Rethy – I was so trying to see if someone recognized any of the background to confirm the location; I realize this is a stretch.

Have you met Buddy? Please leave your thoughts in the comments, or contact Mr. Dan Hanson.

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  1. **Follow-up from Dan Hanson, cousin to Buddy Schuyler who began this search, at the top of the page/post. I cannot tell you all how thankful I am for all these incredible posts. Bless your hearts! You all have helped fill in some major gaps for me. My family moved from NJ to Canada in 1967, I did see Buddy the summer of 1969 when we went back to visit the Brinkerhoff”s (My Mom’s side, and Buddy’s mom is also a Brinkerhoff), and we were talking quietly as we stood beside the water at creek/river behind his family home. He was older than me by 8 years; he was 18 and I was 10. We had a short chat as he had to shortly head to a service/gas station I believe where he was working. I still remember how kind he was to me!! Like, who cares about a rambunctious outdoorsy blondie boy of 10…Buddy did. Even as a kid I sensed he was a very, very different kind of person. In later years I was to learn why. As he said good-bye, I watched as he smiled, turned and walked back up the lawn to the house to make his way to work. That was the last time I saw Buddy. I remember so much about those moments and his warmth and kindness…he was so kind and gentle. He adored Jesus, there is no other explanation. I also recall the day my Mom was talking to her mother in Hackensack NJ in Oct of 1971 on the phone (we lived on Oakville, Ontario) and I could hear in the hallway, that something was wrong. My mom then took me aside into the kitchen and told me what had happened to Buddy and Uncle Harold, Aunt Ruth and Betsy (Buddy’s only sibling). I still see that day, I still thank The Lord for my cousin and later in my own life I had a profound experience (age 26) with Jesus which completely changed my life; prior to that I was a ‘church goer’. There’s much more to share, but I will leave this for now, or for personal conversations with anyone who wishes to make contact. I moved out west to British Columbia – Peace River Country/Region back in ’87 and have four grown kids here, and in Alberta. Feel free to email me at skylitetent@gmail.com Lord Bless you all – and Thank you so very much! Dan. PS. Buddy was the terribly cute 3 yr old ring bearer at my Mom & Dad’s wedding 04 Feb,1956 in Hackensack NJ; now married 65 years! (Bill & Lois Hanson Niagara Region, Ontario Canada). PS#2 Jesus is coming for all of us very soon guys.

  2. I need to make a correction to my post…it was the Biggie dorm, not the intermediate and the couple in charge at the time, whose apartment Buddy was in were the Olvers (Arn and Shirley). So sorry that I don’t have a contact for them. One more note, if memory serves correctly, Buddy went to be with Jesus within days of that…possibly even that night.

  3. Just found this post, so this is late; hope you get it. I was a girl in the intermediate dorm during Buddy’s stay at Rethy. The last time I saw him, he was wrapped in a blanket in the dormparents living room on a Sunday. We all filed past him in our “Sunday best” (we must have been heading to church) greeting him. I think we were supposed to be cheering him up…however he was the one, with his joy and humility, that enriched us! I too, remember his Dad singing at his graveside and at the church service. Very powerful. I also recall that his parents were enroute to Africa when he passed. I will never forget him; if I got to choose a verse to describe him it would be Neh 8:10 “…And do not be grieved, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” You can contact me at ronnkat@aol.com if you’d like.

  4. Hi dear friends who love Buddy! In my last communication, I sent a link to my old Memorial Page for Buddy, I am now sending the most recent link for The Buddy Schuyler Memorial Page, as it was when my home burned in 2007: https://web.archive.org/web/20060219021431/http://www.lillyofthevalleyva.com/jesuslovesyou-buddyschuylermemorial.html This link features the Africa photos of Buddy and Panzee! I have mourned Buddy’s loss since 1971, and was so upset that I lost his Memorial in my home, and on the web. Just a month ago, I was speaking with a high-level tech person about it, told Jim that I just wanted to go back in time and get this photo back, he found a way for me to view this page, but the photo was missing… I cannot thank Dan Hanson enough for posting on this page, and displaying this photo! To GOD be praised!! Now that I finally have access to my original work, I am creating a new Memorial page for my Cousin, Buddy <3 Thank you all! I will keep you updated. Blessings & Love, Rev Carole A Rothe Lilly, Buddy's cousin

  5. Hello Friends on “Looking for Buddy” I was searching for my Cousin, Buddy, again, as I am trying to add a Memorial on Find A Grave. While searching this time, I found some info on Buddy’s final resting place in Rethy, and many others who share my heart <3 I am pleased to know that you love my cousin Buddy, and that you were searching for him, too. I have searched and searched for more info, and thought all was lost. I had a Memorial Site for Buddy, that was taken down temporarily for site maintenance, during which time, my home burned and I lost all evidence of my life, including all of my Cousin Buddy's personal items, memorial items, pictures, artwork from Africa, a special photo of Buddy in Africa holding his Chimp, Panzee! He had two other Chimps, Cheetah and Rosie. The original inscription on the back of the same photo he sent to his Mom, Ruth Schuyler, said that this Chimp was Panzee. This is the old archived page: https://web.archive.org/web/20021115034918/http://www.lillyofthevalleyva.com/jesuslovesyou-buddyschuylermemorial.html
    I thought I lost that pic forever, what a delight to find it posted on the "looking for Buddy" page! Thank you all for your love for Buddy! If anyone has photos or other memorabilia of Buddy, I would love to add them to my Buddy Schuyler Memorial Page. It will have the same link without the web archive…. Blessings & Love, Rev Carole A Rothe Lilly ~ Minister Carole ~ Buddy's Cousin from NJ!!

  6. That photo is of my Cousin Buddy and his chimpanzee Cheetah! Harold W Schuyler, Jr. “Buddy” had a passion for life and for the lost. He was like my big brother and best friend all wrapped up in one grand play-pal. Growing up with him made life fun.
    Buddy lived a true Christian life, devoted to his Lord and Saviour JESUS Christ. He practiced “lifestyle evangelism” and the love of JESUS shone through him in all that he did. When we came to visit, Buddy always took time to share the exciting things going on in his life with us; church and school, black lights and posters, guitars and canoeing, reptiles and fishing, loving GOD and loving life. He was always so good to me. It was no surprise that Buddy wanted to go into the ministry and work for The LORD. We all had a love for Africa, but Buddy was the one Special person who could find the way to “Go and preach the gospel…” to Africa by joining the Africa Inland Mission Team with Herb Cook. At Buddy’s “going away party” he was so excited to be a missionary and actually help the people of Africa in any way he could. Buddy died in Africa, serving JESUS all the way… ” John 15: 13 “Greater Love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” So glad to know that Buddy is still loved after all these years.

    • Dear Kathy, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how devastating this was for me, and all of us who love Buddy. I keep his memory alive, every Sunday in church I sing a song for Buddy… I am sure we have met long ago. I am Buddy’s cousin, his Mom, Ruth Schuyler’s sister Louise’s daughter! I am excited to know that you wrote a book about Buddy. Searching for info on Buddy’s burial and grave, I have found you, what a blessing that is! I hope to hear from you. I am looking for more photos of Buddy for my new Buddy Schuyler Memorial Page. Blessings & Love, Minister Carole ~ Rev Carole A Rothe Lilly

  7. I would love to send any of youa copy of my book, Buddy’s Story: Love Finds A Way. Or it’s on amazon.com

  8. Hi Tim Please Email me directly at shorewil@ gmailcom. I was Buddy’s girlfriend and would love to talk with you

    • Hi Tim Stouh, Thank you for you kind comments about my Cousin, Buddy Schuyler! I am so happy to have found you. Is there any chance that you sill have his Funeral Announcement? I would like that and any other photos you may have for Buddy’s Memorial. Thanks so much, Blessings, Rev Carole A Rothe Lilly

  9. This picture is taken at the Aba station where Buddy spent most of his time. In the background you see the technical school and shop. The chimpanzee in the picture is probably Rosie.
    I too was deeply touched when Buddy died and may still have the picture program from his funeral. I remember the duet his mom and dad sang at the memorial–I believe it was the 23rd Psalm. Email me directly if you would like to know more and I can put you in contact with the missionaries directly responsible for his time.

  10. My name is Jeff Barnes and Buddy’s life and death made a huge impact on me even to this day. I just happened to be in the infirmary at Rethy when Buddy came in requesting medication for his headache and body aches. He thought he was getting malaria and I vividly remember this young man who seemed so much older and full of life. ( I was in 5th or 6th grade) I didn’t think about it much at the time but when Buddy was put in the room across from mine in the intermediate dorm, I felt a connection to this young man that had just come over to visit from the states for a short period of time. After several days I knew Buddy was really sick and then by the end of the week , he was in the hospital and Bud McDougall (missionary) was running oxygen from the medical center in Nyankunde to Rethy hospital. I remember hearing the news that Buddy had gone to be with his Lord and I wondered how someone who was so full of life at the beginning of the week could now be gone? I remember his parents coming out for his funeral and his dad sang “o for a thousand tongues ” and I wondered how a parent could sing at his son’s funeral. Buddy’s father also sang “The New 23rd Psalm” and when I here that song, even today, I remember back over 40 years ago when a young man named Buddy Schuyler made an impact on my life because he chose to live his life for something greater than himself!

    • Hi Jeff. (See above) I am Kathy Slade Wilson and was Buddy,s girlfriend.I have written a biographical novel about his life and our time together, called Buddy’s Story: Love Finds A Way. It is available on amazon.com just go to books and Buddy’ Story and it will pop right up. So nice if you to remember him on here! You could also contact me Facebook.com/buddysstory.

  11. I too remember Buddy, as it was because of his love of Jesus that I gave my heart to Jesus days after he had died.

  12. Hi – I am Kathy Slade Wilson and in 1971 I was Buddy Schuyler’s girlfriend in Oakland NJ. Yes, my friend and first love died in Rethy. He passed from typhus fever after a bout of malaria. The last postcard I got from him said that he was getting over malaria- it was a bad thing to get and he didn’t know if he’d make it a whole year. His parents flew to Africa but arrived to late , they held a funeral where his father, Harold sang. Ruth Schuyler (mom ) wrote a wonderful tract concerning “if you died today ,would you die in Christ ?” My Buddy was a special kind of person and I thank God that he touched my life on his way to heaven. I miss him each and every day of my life- even though I am now 57 years old.Would like to be incontact with anyone who knew him – I am considering writing our story. In Christ, Kathy

  13. I was at Rethy when Buddy died. I was a titchie that means in the first through third grade. I remember Buddy very well. He used to sing a song called “Yellow Bird high up in the Banana Tree” He was lots of fun and played with us titchies when he could. It was my first experience with death and I heard he died of malaria and pneumonia. It really hit hard that one of my friends who played with me was now gone.
    Martha Pontier

  14. Yes I did know Buddy somewhat. I was a student in the 9th grade at Rethy during the time that Buddy came out to Congo and spent time with Herb and Ellen Cook at Aba. Later while at Rethy, Buddy became ill, I think it was typhoid but not sure, and I remember much effort was put forth by many on trying to bring healing to Buddy. However he passed away at Rethy in spite of much effort. He was buried in the cemetery in the lower pastures on Rethy hill. People by the thousands attended the funeral. He was loved by many. I don’t remember much more than that although I am sure that Herb Cook could fill in the details. I think hi email is herbellen@gmail.com.

    Chuck Pinkerton

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