Rethy Photos 2007

These are photos of Rethy taken in 2007.

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  1. Buddy’s Mom, Ruth Schuyler, lives in St Petersburg, Florida. This is her Memorial Tract: A Special Kind of Person written by Buddy Schuyler’s Mom

    A part of me lies buried in the brown bosom of earth in Africa. While he was still buried under my heart, I gave him to GOD – I remember too having a dream he would be a boy and I’d name him after his father and we’d call him “Buddy.” (We would laugh about this when he was older.)

    What a rascal he was – oh, I din’t think I’d survive this little boy! As he grew I learned how to deal with this kind of boy – with lots of love and hugs and discipline. We went turtle hunting and hiking and swimming, together with his little sister. We really grew up together, he and I. I remember the teachers asking me to come to school so the other young people could find out why Buddy thought there was no generation gap at home. When they asked me this I said, “How could there be with me being only 15 and he only 151/2!” They all laughed, but that’s how it was in our family.

    His teenage years were special. He was busy and exciting and tender. Always interested in sharing his love for GOD in a real way with others. He went out to California and hitch-hiked to San Bernadino to learn from Campus Crusade how to share his faith in Jesus Christ with others. He came home even more excited about how GOD loves us and has a special paln for our lives. He found it exciting to tell that we are not fit to be with a holy GOD and that Jesus Christ came in between and gave His life so that we might be free to live with and for GOD. Buddy found that when he let the Holy Spirit run his life, new and great things began to happen. He loved to share his faith at the gas station in Oakland, N.J. where he worked and people loved to listen to someone whose words were sincere and from the heart. Buddy’s life was busy with the usual things a teen-ager finds exciting, but he was also working to save money to go to Africa.

    Our Youth Director Herb Cook said to Buddy before he left for Africa, “Why not spend a year out there with us?” I said to him. “Why not, Bud, you can do anything you really want to do.”

    So he left two years later, spent only three months in Congo, and then graduated into heaven October 8, 1971, 2 months after his 19th birthday. He had finished his life serving Christ out in Africa, and we rushed out to see him, but he had already gone to be with his Savior.

    We decided to stay a few weeks to see the land he had come to love so much. We could never have imagined the impact his life could make in such a short time. He loved Christ, loved life, and loved people. His enthusiasm and good nature spilled over wherever he went which endeared him to the Congolese. He was learning Bangala so he could go out with Congolese youth to tell others about the wonderful life in Christ. Creative living for Christ was what he discovered in the Congo. He could be useful in so many areas, fixing cars, electric work, building, preaching, loving those sweet people.

    In late September he went to Watsa to chauffeur Mis Marge Livingstone, who wasn’t well, on a long trip. They stopped at Nyankunde where Buddy managed to chip in and help with some projects there. A thgrilling experience for him was watching Dr. Richard Ulrich do surgery – the doctor who would within a week be giving him such love and care. Buddy decided to be a doctor; he saw so many needs and opportunities and was eager to meet them all.

    While Buddy was watching Dr. Ulrich operate, he related to the doctor how he had come to know the Lord. “I recall clearly saying in my heart,” says Dr. Ulrich, “Praise the Lord for a young man like this whom GOD can use and who is willing to have GOD use him.”

    Somewhere on the trip Buddy came down with typhus fever and though he struggled for life, GOD chose instead to take him to his new home. While he was terribly sick he said to Dr. Ulrich, “I don’t know when, but I know I’m going to heaven.” At 12:30 a.m., Congo time, October 8, 1971, Buddy’s battle was done and he passed into the presence of His LORD to rest from his struggle.

    We had already left for Africa, the news reached us in Ireland. Sorrow overwhelmed us. We flew to Uganda and then across to Congo by Missionary Aviation Fellowship plane. It seemed unread to be in the heart of Africa to bury our son. The service was held in the Congolese church at Rethy with Congolese and missionaries taking part. Buddy’s Dad sang in the church and again at the greaveside. GOD’s comfort and love gave strength and courage to sing the 23rd Psalm and “Oh, The Wonder of It All That GOD Loves Me.” Pastor Balonge’s two questions at the close of the service brought home Buddy’s testimony of life to all who were there: “If you died today, would you die in Chist as Buddy did?” Buddy’s life had meaning, purpose, happiness, and this brought comfort in our time of sorrow and grief.

    We flew up to Aba where Buddy had lived and had come to love. To our amazement, we found that though he had been there only a short time, the Congolese had come to love him. So many came to share our grief and to bring words of comfort. Most had lost children or loved ones and knew that it meant to share with us in our time of sorrow. Buddy’s few short weeks had counted, his life was not wasted. Many told us that they began praying that the Lord would some day return him to work with them in Congo. “He had become one with us,” they said. His death was a terrible shock to them, too. The missionaries, the Cooks, with whom he was staying said, “Buddy became a part of our family, he was like a son and brother, his love for the Lord was refreshing and encouraging.”

    Buddy’s short life had made its impact for eternity. The night before his funeral we opened his new Bible and found where he had been reading just a few days before thise verse underlines: James 1:12 “Blessed is the man who endures trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life which GOd has promised to those who love Him.”

    “A missionary is not a specail kind of person, but every person should be a special kind of missionary.”

    Buddy was a special kind of person. Christ was the key to his life.


    (c) Africa Inland Mission
    P.O. Box 178, Pearl River, New York 109665

  2. I also do remember Buddy, but do not know (or remember where he was buried). I pray the is someone with more info, like Jeff said he was loved and is remembered by many of us that were at Rethy.

  3. The house you stayed at in 2007 (Uehle?) was the Ward house from at least 1968 – 1975! The patio you see there my step-dad Blake Rogers had rebuilt — it had been in much worse shape than it is in this picture. Thanks for posting these — so nice to see photos that are more recent, though sad at the same time to see the old athletic field overgrown, etc. Thank you!

  4. Thank The Good Lord for this site!! I have a very unique story (and have a very unique request) but do not wish to wear out my welcome on my very first entry. I live in the Peace River Country of British Columbia, Canada and recently was able to (after 40 long years) have discovered where my dear cousin served with Africa Inland Mission in the Congo, on a one year term in 1971. He was from New Jersey, USA and was a recent High School grad; he lived to tell others about Jesus Christ. He did indeed join AIM and I am almost certain was based at Rethy. As far as I know he was serving as a mechanic for an itinerant medical surgery. He was also a carpenter and skilled at masonry work. Buddy never returned home as he passed away suddenly and I believe he may have been buried at or near Rethy; I have no idea for certain. Buddy would have been 18 1/2 yrs of age. Does anyone (please!!) remember a strapping, vigorous God-Loving blonde haired boy named Harold “Buddy” Schuyler (pron. “Sky-ler”). He would have been serving perhaps July-Sept at the beginning of his year term when he was taken home into the arms of His Lord. If someone emails me I can fwd his photo – the only one of him I have – taken I feel somewhere on the Rethy grounds with a chimp in his arms. Thank you so very much – I wait to hear from anyone who knew Buddy Schuyler.

    • Oh, my goodness, Dan. I do indeed remember him and the whole story and have written many notes about it. I would like to send you a longer message, and will surely include the whole story in a future book/blog/whatever of mine. But yes. If you would send my your email address, I will tell you my memories.

    • Dan, I do remember Buddy because our paths crossed when he first got sick and I was a student at Rethy Academy. His life and death impacted me greatly even to this day! To this day when I hear ” The New 23rd Psalm” , I think of Buddy’s father singing at his son’s funeral and the impact of a life lived short but remembered by many! Jeff Barnes

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