Umoja Coffee grown and produced in Rethy

Saula, one of three full-time employees at Umoja Coffee, writes down orders. The coffee is roasted, grinded and distributed from Rethy.

Saula, one of three full-time employees at Umoja Coffee, writes down orders. The coffee is roasted, ground and distributed from Rethy.

In 2009, German brothers David and Simon Zeitvogelant wanted to work on a meaningful project with their Congolese friends in Rethy. With the Koda hydroelectric plant providing electricity, they started roasting and distributing coffee in March 2012. “Umoja” translates to “union, company or friendship” in Swahili.

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  1. Hi, my name is David Zeitvogel. I am from Germany and a member of Umoja kahawa – café. We started our small enterprise in 2012. My first time in Rethy was in 2008 when we replaced the old broken hydro plant (KODA). Since that time I am frequently travelling to Ituri. Right now we are selling our product to Bunia, Mahagi, Aru and Kisangani. We buy coffee from local farmers, select, roast, grind and pack it in Rethy. This year we want to start exporting our product to Germany.

    AIM Uganda (Matoke Inn) is a good customer. Some former AIM missionaries are taking our coffee from Congo to the US, Canada or UK for example. We know it is quite difficult to purchase our product from Rethy that’s why we want to distribute our coffee from Germany. We still have some samples here. If someone is interested in getting some coffee don’t hesitate to contact me (

    Asante sana


  2. I would love to try this coffee! Any chance of distribution in Europe or the States? Does it qualify for Fair Trade?

  3. My mother and father, Eugene and Millie Spindler first brought coffee plants to Rethy in the mid 1950’s and had them planted along the left side of Luru Hill where we lived at the time ( approaching from the main station where the churches are located). When I revisited Rethy in October of 2011 I noticed coffee had been planted in many places, but is no longer at Luru Hill which is across from the hospital.

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