Photos from Rethy November 2014

The slideshow may take a few moments to load, but you can scroll down to see photo thumbnails below.


9 thoughts on “Photos from Rethy November 2014

  1. Helen Stough Doughty
    My home away from home 2nd thru 9th grade. What memories these pictures bring back. Don’t think I would recognize it any more. This is the first I’ve seen pictures of Rethy since we evacuated in the early 60’s. I thought more of it had been destroyed. My heart is ever drawn back to Africa – the home of my heart. Thank you so much for sharing these!

  2. Thanks so much for posting these! After only the first 30 or so would load, it took some time to look at all the others one by one. But all I wanted to do was see more! I can’t get enough of expressions like Pastor Ngokpa’s, smiles like Upoki’s, skies like the one behind Ken and Ginny’s or just the rivulets of water from the rain running down the dirt roads in the background. It seems like the trees outlast the buildings. Many changes, but I can still feel the fog and cold air.

  3. Wonderful to see Rethy and the people there!!! We spent 30 years 68-98 enjoying and working with the folks there. Thanks so much for sharing all that:) We still get homesick!

  4. Thank you, Thank you It is amazing, bring back sooooo many memories I can now show my family pics of Our First Home (like Dave said my Heart home). Also FYI Carolyn Saltenberger delivered me at the hospital 59 years ago. Anyone please contact us.

  5. Left Rethy when I was seventeen via MAF. It’s amazing to see evidence of my heart home still intact. Thanks for the memory remix.

    • Our heart home indeed! Several generations of Pontier’s were schooled there. I attended 68 to 75. Thank you all who helped raise me up from a titchy girl to the biggie dorm. I can see my little sis Mart and I running over those green hills. I miss her so. I was able to return in 80 during Nursing school to learn from the master midwives Carolyn and Nesta. So good to see Nesta s face in these pic s. Thanks for sharing.

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