Bells Toll

By David Cochrane, September 1998

I hear them now inside my head
The bell that rang, “get out of bed”
The bell that drove us to our knees
The bell that tolled, to let us feed.

These bells were soft, brass and loud
The endless tune divided time
The time to play, the time to sleep
The time to hear the pastor speak.

Bells that rang the whole day through
From morning sun ’til evening dew
Bells that tolled our tiny fate
That measured days with even gait.

Bells at lunch and supper too
Bell that even governed news
Bells that rang inside our heads
That drove us from our simple beds.

Bells that ring to rhyme and song
Cannot be found within my home
But now I wake to other tunes
For bells I simply have no room.

Boarding school was governed by the ringing of all types of bells. Each had a purpose, which regimented the activities of the MKs as well as segmented the days.

Thank God for no more bells.

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2 thoughts on “Bells Toll

  1. Great writing Dave. Brought back the memory as if it was yesterday….thanks.

    Bells in heaven… any other earthly comparison will pale miserably compared to the wonder of being in Abba’s presence.

    Bells? Bah humbug. Here’s to more of his presence.

  2. Will there be “BELLS” in heaven. What song will we sing? Unto HIM that hath loved us. Revelation. Have you collected all the “SONGS” of the bible and written them down. “YE SHALL HAVE A SONG”….. REJOICE and be glad…… “PRAISE YE THE LORD again, again.” Thankful for the church bells ringing as we walked along St.Catherine street in Montreal PQ when we were on the way home. It gave us quickness to our steps as we walked alone on a snowy night. It will not be long before we will sing that SONG… HE is coming soon, very soon, and call us away…… ARISE MY LOVE MY FAIR ONE and come away. Behold the Bridegroom cometh….go ye out to meet HIM. Will you be watching and ready. We will be united with some of our loved ones, who have been called away and are waiting for that SHOUT!

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