Assist Research on Chimpanzees in Ituri Rainforest

Anne Laudisoit writes:

I am a zoologist teaching in Kisangani, and doing research, among other places, in the Rethy area on biodiversity and diseases (plague, onchocerciasis, epilepsy). I am just back from a 10-day field trip in the mountains trying to find historical traces of chimpanzees, as indeed I heard stories of Americans in the past hunting chimpanzees in the area.


Dr. Laudisoit came across this photo of Harold “Buddy” Schuyler and his pet chimp from the 2012 post Looking for Buddy.

Now I just saw a picture with a young fellow holding a baby chimp in his arm [Looking for Buddy]. The picture is indeed taken in Rethy mission ground (as I can tell from the background, probably not far from the hospital).

I am looking for any stories, anecdotes, or contacts of people who have seen, killed, or kept any sign, memories, or pictures of chimpanzees. [I’m also] looking for any history linked to the Mont Aboro, as deforestation and conversion into agricultural land have ended the whole primary forest.

This is to make a master subjects for a student of mine on the chronology of deforestation in the area, and to be able to tell what wildlife existed in the past and disappeared today.

I thank you very much in advance for your help, as we are planning to write a scientific paper this summer. Indeed, I placed camera traps in the forest and will collect them in June, hoping to get sequences of chimpanzees on the videos.

Many thanks and with my best wishes,

Anne Laudisoit photoAnne Laudisoit (PhD)
CIFOR, University of Kisangani, DRC
University of Antwerpen, BE
University of Liverpool, UK
Mob : +243(0) 820 170 710


Do you have stories, pictures, or memories about chimpanzees from the Ituri Rainforest? Or do you have any historical information about Mont Aboro? Share them in the comments below, contact Dr. Laudisoit, or send an email to Thanks!

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